Didn’t have time to do all this before the trip?

By doing this you have already managed to have a reasonable filter of 5-10 cool
options, but don’t stop there!
Eating with your eyes: to be sure and include in your list a surefire tip: take a look
at the photos taken by travelers of the dishes and the environment and see if you like
what you see. Photos don’t usually lie. Read through the most recent comments that
will give you an idea if the food/service is still good and hasn’t dropped in quality
recently, but as it has a lot of subjectivity, use it sparingly and filter out the extreme
click on the map to see the location – the restaurant has to be in the way
of your itinerary of things to do that day, and see the hours of operation – the worst
thing is to arrive at a restaurant and find yourself in the door. Some close on Monday,
others close early or open late, depending on the size of the city and the restaurant.
Last recommendation, if the restaurant is popular it’s better not to risk it and make a
reservation well in advance.

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